Train Your Brain

Hitting your goals just got easier!

Fun + peers + Science

Challenge MaNIA 


Having fun using measurable, positive peer-pressure and accountability, Challenge Mania helps you form new habits and achieve the goals you set to avoid any quitting temptations.

Why Challenge Mania Works? 

1: Download the app and create a challenge!

Get Positive & create a challenge! Come up with a few reasons why you want to achieve your challenge. Make a note of them, and repeat them to yourself until they’re firmly in your head. Remember to stay optimistic- don’t set the bar too high, and keep things simple so that you are more likely to achieve them.  


2: Spread the word! Share it, and challenge others 

Surround yourself with those who will push you, hold you accountable, and won’t stop pushing you until you’re on track. Your peers will help you to reach the finish line.


3: Reward yourself

Throughout your challenge, be sure to keep rewarding yourself, think positive thoughts, and decide on penalties if you start to slack off, and keep a note of them. It takes around 28 days to start to form a habit- once you’ve reached that point, you will naturally feel positive when you are thinking about your challenge.  

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